Feasibility study

Every shore power project starts with an analysis to work out a conceptual solution for power connectivity and delivery as well as the process of budgeting capital to evaluate investment (CAPEX) into a shore power solution and operational cost (OPEX).

The study identifies what the requirements are to provide an effective shore power solution to the port as well as vessels. Additionally, it provides information about grid capability and the most efficient technical solutions. The efficiency measures will also take into account economic benefits for all parties.

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  • Collecting and mapping of information
  • Energy consumption measurements
  • Conceptual technical solutions for different scenarios (including equipment specifications, layouts, single line diagrams)
  • Simulations for different scenarios
  • Calculating and analysing investment and operational costs
  • Composing incremental analysis (ROI, NPV, IRR, payback)
  • Consultation on potential funding options
Port to vessel 1

Shore Power dispenser

The Shore-Link cable management system is a shore power delivery solution for Ro/Ro and passenger vessels. Its modular design can be adjusted according to specific requirements (tower height, rotating arm length, telescopic boom, single- or multi-cabling, operating speed, etc.) and is available as either a low- or medium-voltage solution.

Shore-Link shore-power dispensers are resistant to harsh environments and fully meet the latest relevant standards (IEC 80005-1, IEC 800005-2).

The Shore-Link cable management system is radio remote controlled, and there is no need for additional personnel for operation on the shore side. Connection and disconnection require only a few minutes.

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Port to vessel 2

E-Ferry charger (automated plug-in solution)

The Shore-Link E-Ferry Charger 5000 is a compact solution for shore power / charging which can be adjusted according to specific requirements (DC, AC, LV, MV) with charging power up to 5000 kW.

This reliable and high-quality charging unit is fully automatic and ensures smooth vessel operation and charging cycle. Connection time 10 seconds.

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