Shore power
Quick overview: Lowering port emissions, introducing better fuels

In 2010, shipping made up 4% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. Since then, headed by the European Commission, the union has made efforts to try the ever-rising numbers at bay. This includes getting port emissions under control. The overall goal, according to a wealth of position papers and other measures published since, is to…

Shore power
What is shore power?

In terms of commercial shipping this is normally done through a shore power dispenser, or HVSC (high voltage shore power connection). This is where the shore has access to an electricity source (local or national power grid, or even on-site generation) and delivers it using one or more dispensers fitted with cables and plugs into…

Shore power
Case study: Innovation and Cooperation bring shore power to the Port of Tallinn

For many years, the Port of Tallinn has been a successful port in that it provided fuel, water management, waste and stock as necessary. The Port has moved with the times, keeping up to date and modernising. With EU directives prioritising sustainable and green ports, it made sense to modernise once more. Modernisation rising on…

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