01.08.2020 In the last decade, the EU has adjusted its transport policies towards a more climate-friendly approach. This includes lowering emissions in ports, which again means the introduction of fuel alternatives, including shore power for cruise ships as well as other vessels. Here is an overview of the upcoming and ongoing changes.
11.03.2020 This case study looks at the shore-power installation project in the Port of Tallinn in 2019, including the cooperation of the Port with its project team. This team was managed by Elero and subcontractors ScaleUp and ABB. The study focuses closely on the Shore Link dispenser which was a direct result of the Port upgrade.


EU directive ready

Prepare for the EU’s 2025 deadline on new shipping emissions regulations

Save on fuel costs

Up to €1m/year per vesselUp to €1m/year per vessel. Shore to ship power through a quayside supply system is good for the environment as well as the bottom line

Attractive to shipowners

Adding HVSC to the available green ship technologies increases ports’ competitiveness and such grants as the EU “Clean Port” initiative have even helped some shipowners with the costs


Adaptable design for any shore power connection project


ShoreLink can meet tight deadlines, delivering highly flexible solutions for a variety of approaches to cold ironing in ports